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Gifted Education K-12

GIfted Education K-12


The Gifted Education Program provides differentiated educational opportunities for students from Kindergarten through the twelfth grade.

It is the mission of the Lavaca Public Schools Gifted Education Program to provide meaningful experiences that nurture a lifelong love of learning, support individual student strengths, and provide for the development of gifted learners’ skills, talents, passions, and future endeavors.

The staff at Lavaca Public Schools believes that each child grows and develops at his/her own individual rate socially, emotionally, and physically.  Teachers and staff are committed to pacing learning environments to meet the needs of every student.  The unique abilities identified within the Gifted and Talented students allow both classroom teachers, as well as the GT Coordinator, to provide learning opportunities that go beyond normal classroom experience which will result in students reaching their maximum potential.


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Krista Hinton, M.Ed.

Gifted Education Program 

Coordinator/Instructor, K-12

2022-2023 Gifted Education Handbook